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Written and Recorded by Chris Corrigan Mendez, M.Ed., LPC, NCC 

Get in a comfortable position, and when you’re comfortable, relax your eyes or close them.

Rest your hands on your abdomen and begin to focus on your breath. Inhale deeply through your nose for four counts…and feel your abdomen expand. Exhale fully, through your mouth for four counts…and feel your abdomen contract. Continue breathing in this manner for a few moments…inhaling deeply…exhaling deeply. Focus entirely on your breath…filling your body.

Now, if you’re ready, imagine yourself in a comfortable place outdoors…perhaps in your backyard, in a park, in a large field…any place your mind takes you. Breathe in the peace of this space…breathing in and out…deeply. Your body and mind are relaxing more fully with every breath. Continue to breathe and take in the calm of your surroundings.

Now, in your mind, you will notice a light breeze starting…then the air beginning to circle gently around you. You feel the sensation on your skin…while you are still breathing fully and deeply. After a few moments, you notice a change.

You see that the swirling breeze is now collecting and carrying fluttering pieces of paper, of three different shapes. You feel these brush lightly against your body. You see arrow cut outs. You see shamrock paper shapes. And you see perfect circles. The arrows carry the words “Bad Luck.” The shamrocks have the words “Good Luck” inscribed. The perfect circles read “My Strengths, Abilities and Motivation.”

You watch these words as they circle you. You again feel them brush against you. You then reach out with your left hand and grasp a “Bad Luck” paper arrow. You stretch out your right hand and pull in a “My Strengths, Abilities and Motivation” circle. You join your hands and the words together and see the “Bad Luck” arrow shrink, become so small that while still there, it is difficult to see. You then empty your hands, reach out, and catch a “Good Luck” shamrock with your left hand and again, a “My Strengths, Abilities and Motivation” circle with your right. You breathe deeply, connect your hands and watch “Good Luck” grow and grow…doubling, tripling, quadrupling in size as a result of the impact of your Strengths, Abilities and Motivation. You continue to breathe, grasp and join your circle with the arrows and shamrocks and breathe in this powerful experience…becoming more and more aware of the impact you have on “Luck,” both bad and good, the “Luck” that circles you in life. You can change the size and strength of “Luck.” You can combine your Strengths, Abilities and Motivation with whatever surrounds you, and make “Bad Luck” smaller, “Good Luck” larger, and your life the best it can be.

Continue breathing fully for a few moments, while envisioning and believing in your impact on the “Luck” in your life. Allow your mind to relax and enjoy this experience. And when you’re ready, bring your focus back to the process of your breath…in…and out. Breathing in your circles of strength…knowing their power over what we call “Luck.”

Now, when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and come back to your real world space.

What did your mind choose as its outdoor space? What does this mean to you?

Describe your “Luck” and “Strengths” paper pieces.

What are your Strengths and Abilities?

How did you feel when you joined your Perfect Circles of Strengths with “Luck?”

How can this vision impact your life moving forward?

Click here to play the 8-minute meditation.

© 2014 Chris Corrigan Mendez, CCM Counseling, LLC

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